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Matriarch Kennels

Proprietor: Deborah Cook

Location: Kemptville, Ontario

Home: (613)258-6907

Cell: (613)402-2922

Email: cook_deborah@hotmail.com

Matriarch Kennels is located on the outskirts of Kemptville, a community located in the Municipality of North Grenville in Southern Eastern Ontario.

Matriarch Kennels has operated since 2002, breeding, principly, Irish Setters as well as English Setters and Gordon Setters to breed standards.

All my potential breedings are thoroughly researched before deciding on a breeding pair.

It is also my practise to ensure that the breeding pair have all the appropriate health clearances.

In addition to breeding high quality Setters it is my firm belief that today's Setters should be able to do the work they were originally breed to do.

To that end, I sensitize my Setters to Field Work (under controlled conditions) as early as 12 weeks by introducing them to feathered lures...I would encourage all my puppy buyers to do the same

I also believe that a happy Setter is a busy Setter, and therefore I actively participate with my Setters in Field, Obedience and Conformation events.

Not only is this incredibly stimulating to the dog but it also provides for a wonderful mutual experience that truely bonds the partnership.

English Setter

Cookie Harmonycreek Duchess Osgoode..

Cookie was my "Therapy" dog! Unfortunately, just after I picked her up from the breeder, Alison Dingwall, I fell victim to an illness called Depression. This wonderful little puppy never left my side, laying in bed with me day-in & day-out.

Because of her boundless energy and enthusiasm for life, she brought me out of that hidden, seldom talked about disease.

First just out into the backyard, then as I started to get better... obedience classes, obedience test, and finally conformation shows followed...all of which was totally new to me!

During this time I met a member from the Ottawa Valley All Setters Association (OVASA) who not only encouraged me to learn but was willing to help me to better understand the art of show conformation, as well as how to properly groom an English Setter! So I joined the club that year & haven't looked back since.

Cookie was my Best Friend for over 14 years...I miss you sweetie!!!

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